Irwin Silber: Writer, Editor, Activist




1947-1949:  Executive Director People’s Songs

1950-1967:  Editor “Sing Out!” Magazine

1958-1964:  Producer: Hootenanny concerts at Carnegie Hall and Town Hall

1958-1964:  Associate Producer of Folkways Records

1960-1967:  Editor and Co-Publisher (w Moses Asch) of Oak Publications

1960-1973:  Author: Songs of the Civil War, Songs of the Great American                                  

                    West, Songs America Voted By, Songs of Independence

1968-1971:  Cultural Editor, Movie Reviewer, The Guardian, NYC

1970-1989:  Co-Founder (w Barbara Dane) Paredon Records

1972-1978:  Executive Editor, columnist, The Guardian, NYC

1980-1990:  Co-Editor, Frontline Journal

1990-1995:  Associate Editor, Crossroads Magazine, Oakland, CA

1995-2005:  Author: Socialism What Went Wrong?; A Patient’s Guide to                

                    Knee & Hip Replacement and Press Box Red: The Story of        

                    Lester Rodney